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Case Studies

For Cristina and John Frank, being entrepreneurs and owners of White Cherry Boutique has been a very rewarding experience. But being occupied with daily operations, including searching for new product, fulfilling inventory, and providing service to in-store clients left them little room for accounting tasks.

“We didn’t know how to start the setup process and had so many questions,” says Cristina. “CloudCPA took a huge weight off of our shoulders.”

To help Cristina and John, CloudCPA recommended a suite of integrated apps to support every aspect of their business, including managing expenses, payroll, sales and inventory.

“Their timely reports and valuable insights allow us to think about our business and focus on our next steps,” says John. “They are a valuable member of our team, and an asset to our business.”

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Before, Lift Corktown Crossfit used to do the accounting manually by themselves. Not only was it time-consuming, but it diverted their attention from their business.

Since engaging with CloudCPA, their bookkeeping, quarterly reports, and annual filings have all been taken care of.

“From the application ecosystem standpoint that CloudCPA set us up on, it’s extremely easy….All we need to do is take a picture of the expense and it gets automatically tracked from there for them to put in our monthly reports,” says Mike Thompson, one of the owners and founders of the gym.

“If you’re a business owner that’s focusing on growing your business, I highly recommend you engage CloudCPA. They’ll take all of your accounting and bookkeeping needs off your hands and automate the entire process.”

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